Since 1972, based in its historic site in Monza, Conforti Oleodinamica is a benchmark in the hydraulic field.
The company was founded as a workshop and, over the years, it became a solid partner for hydraulic systems and components, building a robust know-how.
This experience has allowed, since 1990, to focus its attention on the design and production of hydraulic cylinders, in particular those according to ISO standards.
Today, thanks to a team of qualified and experienced people, it is able to provide products and services of the highest-quality, greatly appreciated by customers all over the world.

Each component is designed by the technical department of the company, which, over the years, continues to refine and improve the quality of the products. The competence of the technical staff has allowed to develop one of the first online CAD configurator in the industry, since 2004.
Every technical detail is carefully evaluated and tested, in order to manufacture very high performance and long lasting products.
The technical department helps customers to resolve any doubts and choose the best solution.

Cylinder components are completely made in Italy. High quality raw materials are subject to turning, milling and all the finishing required to make excellent components.

The warehouse is managed to guarantee the availability of the goods and to plan the production of excellent quality components, ready to be supplied in a very short time either in assembly kits or complete cylinders.

The hydraulic cylinders are assembled with utmost attention to every detail and to customer's requirements.
In the testing department, all cylinders must pass the tests required by the ISO 10100 standard: compliance with requirements and tolerances, absence of leakage, cushioning effectiveness, etc.
All test's results are recorded on the company database, in order to compile test reports for customers.

All processes are periodically subject to internal verification and validation. Since 2008 the quality management system has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.
With constant improvements, top level results have been achieved in terms of speed, punctuality and compliance with specifications. Customers all over the world greatly appreciate it. Conforti Oleodinamica is able to meet requests of maximum urgency and guarantee production even within 48 hours. A young, dynamic structure, always looking for improvements and new challenges, with solid and historical bases in the hydraulic field, makes Conforti Oleodinamica the perfect partner for your high quality hydraulic cylinders.